Long Range Transportation Plan Update Nearing Completion

It’s complicated and involves many governmental acronyms, but those interested in area transportation should follow and get involved in the on-going process known more informally as the “long range plan” and formally as (and don’t say I didn’t want you): “Connections 2040 MTP.”

You see, the MRMPO led by MRCOG is putting together an update of the 2040 MTP so MOFOs are less likely to kill us as we try to get to ABQ’s SNL, APS, UNM/CNM, or MVD.

In more plain English, the process in putting together an overarching area transportation plan covering the next twenty years has been going on for some time, and it was announced yesterday that a draft plan is now open for public comment through Friday, February 6th. And yes, thanks for asking, the plan and process does include a professionally-created graphic:

mtp 2040

BB readers might be most interested in the draft document’s Chapter Five (“Active Transportation”), centered on walking/cycling (and curiously not transit) matters. You can also check out public input from a series of meetings earlier in the process. In first looking through the Chapter and input yesterday, your humble blogger had the humorous occasion to read that some crazy person had gone to a public meeting and proposed that “South Diversion Channel be extended as a multi-use path to CNM” before realizing, minutes later, that this crazy person was me.

More potentially crazy thoughts from BB on the Plan in coming days. Remember, that public comment period ends on February 6th, and that, despite the blizzard of acronyms involved, this document in final form will guide many future discussions by MRMPO and MRCOG, not to mention GABAC, GARTC, DMD, NMDOT, etc., etc., etc.



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