Those B-utiful New NDC Bridge Decks

Attention nether regions of Albuquerque area cyclists: A main source of pain in your nether region life is now only a distant, painfully wincing memory. The old wooden bridge decks between I-25 and Osuna have now all been replaced.

ndc bridge 2
A bit south of the crossing of Singer Blvd. on the NDC

This isn’t news to the nether regions of many area cyclists on this 2nd most traveled bike path in town, but if your nether regions haven’t been to this stretch of NDC lately, perhaps due to vociferous, aching opposition from your nether regions, you really must check it out.

Yes, I know the metal seams at the beginning/end of these bridges are still less than nether region-ideal. It’s always something.

ndc bridge 1
The southernmost new NDC bridge deck near I-25

As we smoothly glided over these bridges (metal seams aside) this past weekend, my riding buddy and I tried to recall when the wooden bridges had fallen into disrepair enough for widespread call for their ouster.

We determined that time to be somewhere between the Bronze Age and the Battle of Normandy.

These things take time.

Nevertheless, the historic feat of finally replacing the bridge decks will offer relative nether region comfort to literally thousands of regions per month. Data collected from the nearby bike/ped counter at NDC and Journal Center shows up to 12,500 bike crossings a month happen ’round these parts.

That’s a lot of nether regions.

Congrats, kudos, and thanks to all the many City leaders/staff and multi-use path advocates who have worked since the Bronze Age to make this happen. Happy Riding!


P.S.: A well-informed reader tells us that the currently jarring metal seams are supposed to be smoothed/changed out when a final coating is applied to the decks when it warms up this Spring. Huzzah!

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