Psychological Impact of Dangerous Roads

Through IPRA records request, BB has begun examining crash reports/investigations involving the 2019 death of someone trying to walk Burque’s streets, stroads, and highways. This is, of course, a somewhat gruesome enterprise, yet what most lingers in the mind reviewing such reports are the witness statements. There are more directly grisly mentions, anything involving physical description of the victim included, but the mental images still left with the living witness are in many ways even more harrowing.

An example statement from a 19-year-old (personal info redacted):

19 years old

In coming across “pedestrian killed by vehicle” stories, we aren’t required to think much about what it must be like to witness these incidents. These reports are bloodlessly wrapped up with a few facts regarding location and time of day, maybe a police spokesperson reference to “dark clothing, along with the dehumanizing “pedestrian’ and literally inhuman “vehicle.”

Nevertheless, there’s a 19-year-old here in town, who maybe has turned 20 since last July and who almost certainly still can’t help thinking about that early morning last Summer on Coors Boulevard.

I know I’ll be thinking about what this person saw for quite some time as well.

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