City Improves Construction Signage on Carlisle

A few days back, John wrote on his observation/experience in trying to cycle southbound Carlisle from Mackland to Lomas, captured via photo thus:

Before BB post and SeeClickFix Report

We are happy to report that, as of yesterday, large diamond-shaped signs are now not endangering cyclists and walkers on this busy street. There’s even a lower construction zone speed limit (although perhaps not low enough).


Given the ever-present problem of space/right-of-way in such matters, one additional observation raised from this and all other such situations is the use of unnecessarily large footprint diamond-shaped signs. Rectangles such as this:

Image result for construction 25 mph sign"


and this:

SHARE THE ROAD (W16-1) Construction Sign

would be much better, fitting, as so often has to happen, directly over the road’s gutter.

Astute readers will already be wondering, “are these non-diamond signs ‘MUTCD’ (i.e., “legal”)? Tentative answers: “Share the Road” looks like a “yes,” “Construction Zone…” looks a probable “no.”

Overly large diamonds v. smaller rectangles aside, thanks go out for the responsiveness of the City (and its contracting sign crew/companies). It is hoped solutions learned from conversations between non-motorized road users and government lead to better, far less dangerous sign placement now and forever more.  The reports and conversations leading to these improvements on Carlisle are an excellent start.

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