Tactical Urbanism, Pandemic Edition

Feeling a bit helpless these days? Psychologically adrift, unmoored by circumstances and actions hopelessly beyond our individual ability to even grasp, much less control?

I hear you, buddy.

But there are small things we can do to help us feel at least a tiny bit empowered in setting this wayward Earthship back into some harbor of sanity.

And yes, I am talking about moving stupidly placed road construction signs where they belong.

I rode today, solo as per governor/doctor’s orders, from my inherently self-isolated South Valley farmette to Atrisco NW (between Central and I-40) and points further north, mostly avoiding the Bosque multi-use path, which was busier today than I have ever seen it. Cough. Cough.

And it was near the northern end of the construction on Atrisco NW that I saw this:

atrisco bbtut before
Oh, this won’t do, and while I’m not an epidemiologist or health care provider, I do have a solution for this particular problem. 

Which, needless to say, quickly became this:

atrisco bbtut after

Two related points:

  1. Riding further north showed that there is, in fact, no “road work” being done “ahead” on Atrisco NW at all. None.
  2. Incorrect placement of the sign has been reported to City o’ Burque’s “See Click Fix” for record-keeping purposes, including the “after” photo above. Anyone both currently experiencing more free time on their hands than normal and an inclination to do so is highly encouraged to chime in there with solution-based ideas on how we can ensure such stupid sign placement never, ever happens again.

Has today’s action by the Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team (BBTUT) significantly fixed what’s wrong with our world and given renewed hope for all humankind? No. But it sure felt damn good to move that sign relative to obsessively, worthlessly, checking the latest case/death count at Worldometers in my South Valley bunker.

Stay safe out there, everybody. Including making better use of those bike lane buffers as demonstrated here. For instance, lift the rather heavy sand bags holding the sign in place with your legs, not with your back.




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