This Weekend in Burque Tactical Urbanism

The Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team (BBTUT) this past weekend had another chance to help City of Albuquerque turn an improperly placed “Road Work Ahead” sign into an ever-so-brief physically-separated bike lane.


road work ahead again
Eastbound Central Avenue at the tail end of the “Old Town Bridge”


after road work ahead
After: Not ideal, which only goes to show the buffer should be wider. And that these signs stick out too far (Why aren’t they rectangular?; they would make very informative flexposts.) Still better than swerving into traffic.

A perusal of the area around Central, Tingley Rd., and the Bio-Park parking lot showed four “Road Work Ahead” signs alerting roadway users, but no actual road work. Not even remnants of old A.R.T. road work. It’s like when you use scissors to open that store packaging and then leave the scissors lying around because you’re too excited to use/play/mess around with the thing in the package.

And your cat comes by and toys with the scissors to the point they fall off the counter and the scissors very slightly impale your dog, which happened to be by the counter sniffing the remnant of store packaging that you also left lying around on the floor, hoping the store packaging was something they, the dog, could eat.

BBTUT reminds each of us to not leave our scissors and store packaging detritus lying about, whether those be real scissors/packaging or large, overly pointy “Road Work Ahead” signs.



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