Folks are Thronging to Area Paths

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

The number of cyclists/walkers/rollers on the Bosque Path (aka: “Paseo del Bosque,” “Riverside Trail,” etc.) has jumped significantly during this time of general social isolation and concomitant cabin fever. Figures provided to BB (including those which can be found at this MRCOG webpage) illustrate the jump at, in this case, the bike/ped counter located on the Bosque Path at Tingley Beach:

bike ped bosque at tingley

We’d love to have figures going back further, but the counter was only installed in October 2017. So, just the three “Marches” of data, understanding that cooler weather and many other factors affect numbers, including the fact that isolation/cabin fever only truly enveloped us in the middle of last month.

Still, throngs are definitely thronging to the Bosque, and the April year-to-year numbers should reflect an even bigger jump. With isolation v. throngs in mind, those wishing to get some road miles of riding/walking/rolling in, but without the throngosity (aka: throngfulness) are recommended to check out these generally quiet streets around town:

  • Claremont NE
  • La Vega SW
  • Loma Larga (Corrales)
  • Elena NE (if you’re okay with a bit of hill)
  • Foothill SW
  • Alamogordo/Vista Grande NW
  • Southern SE
  • (insert your favorite quiet street here)

Of course, these are streets, meaning anything is possible, and your mileage comfort may vary. Closing out while we’re on the subject, I’ve found the following to be a very reliable gauge of “urban” riding comfort level:

  1. Ride up/down Bosque Path from Alameda to, say, Candelaria on a weekend; then,
  2. Ride the other direction on nearby/parallel Rio Grande Blvd. from Candelaria/Alameda.

Which ride was more fun/comfortable? Stick with what’s fun/comfortable for you, and stay safe out there, everybody.




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