Today in Good News: Hit-and-Run Driver Caught

Some good, and quite rare, news arrived yesterday with this Tweet from the BernCo Sherriff’s Office:

This case of a hit-and-run driver killing a cyclist on Broadway just north of Rio Bravo Blvd. last week looked likely to end up eternally “open,” as so many hit-and-run incidents do here and everywhere. Big kudos to the BernCo Sherriff’s Office and everyone else who managed to nab not just the vehicle (that happens more often) but also the driver.

Press Release that led to the apprehension of the alleged perpetrator. Thank you, “Deputy Pena,” whoever you are!

One fewer killer (alleged) on our roads is a comforting thought, especially these days. Yes, there’s the criminal justice system aspect of all this, a system that tends to put such killers back on the road FAR too quickly, but let’s just savor the much needed good news for now.

Given Burque’s inherent Wild West o’ Driving condition exacerbated in these wide open days of pandemic speeding, it will be interesting down the road to see crash/hit-and-run data during this window of time. As I’m figuring very few hit-and-run drivers read Better Burque, I’ll just note that we on the potential receiving end of such crimes will want to be safe out there.



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