Today’s COVID-19 Classroom Assignment: Design a Bosque Path Detour Route

Good morning, class. So happy to “see” you!

Today’s “Continuous Learning” assignment might be too easy for you, but since we’re just getting familiar with this “virtual” thing, it will make for a comfortable start to what I hope is a meaningful, exciting rest of this unprecedented semester.

As you may have read, City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation is about to start some work on the extremely popular, especially these days, Bosque multi-use path. The work will smooth out those bumpy spots caused by tree roots, etc.:

Your assignment this morning is to create a detour route while work closes the Path roughly between the red “X” at the top (just north of Central Avenue) and middle (just south of Tingley “Beach”) of this map.


So, looking really, really, really close at the map above, propose a possible detour route that will safely get the large number of cyclists, rollers, walkers who use this stretch from the “X” at the top to the “X” toward the bottom.  Look really close now!

Just to help those who may not use this Path much or have trouble seeing the graphic:

  • The Paseo del Bosque path is the thin green line just to the immediate southwest of Tingley Dr. SW.;
  • Tingley Dr. is a street that runs from Central Avenue to 8th St SW, hugging the Paseo del Bosque path the entire way well south of the lower “X” shown here;
  • As you know, Tingley “Beach” itself is currently closed, so there’s no reason for anyone to drive to Tingley “Beach.”
  • As you also know, the currently closed BioPark and other parks hug Tingley SW for this entire stretch. Thus, there’s NO ingress/egress from Tingley SW west or east anywhere from “X” to “X.”

In putting together your detour route proposal, use source material, such as this New York Times story on many cities around the country closing streets, streets very similar to Tingley SW, to traffic to promote socially-distant cycling/rolling/walking. Be sure to cite your source using MLA format. Those using APA or Chicago/Turabian will be docked one letter grade on this assignment.

Here’s how you will be graded on your route proposal:

  1. 60% of your grade will be based on your proposals understanding of Bosque Path popularity and the importance of social-distancing at this time;
  2. 40% of your grade will be based on your inclusion of terms such as: Drive, SW,  Tingley, and “closed to vehicular traffic.”

As City Parks & Recreation is scheduled to release the detour route later today, this assignment has a very fast turnaround. You have until 2:00 pm MDT today, Monday, April 13, 2020. And yes, I do check timestamps closely.  Somehow, given how easy this assignment is, I don’t think you’ll flunk. I will be available virtual “office hours” from Noon to 12:30 today if needed, but if you’re stuck, here’s a biography of a certain Burque civic leader from days of yore.

Good luck!



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