ABQ Walking Deaths and Race/Ethnicity

Our examination of 2019 crash reports involving pedestrian fatalities is not complete, owing to interruptions in public record requests due to COVID-19 and other factors, but a demographic look into the 32 reports researched so far shows the following relationship between race/ethnicity of those killed walking versus such percentages for the overall city population:

abq ped fatalities by race ethnicity 2

Comfortable that BB has perhaps the smartest readership in town, I’m thinking little “graph interpretation” is needed for the above. I’ll just add the caveats that these numbers are not quite complete (32 of the approximate 41 such deaths last year) and that demographic info for Whites and Hispanics always includes reporting complexities from the needed categories of “White alone” and “White alone, not Hispanic or Latino.”

Most important in compiling and looking at such data is the question: What are we going to do about race/ethnic disproportionality in walking deaths? Thousands of other questions and ideas flow from this question, but the data above is, at its heart, a call to action.

Always also keeping in mind we need to act in reducing the number of those killed walking overall, again, what are we going to do to address disproportionate health outcomes by race/ethnicity in this city/country, including death by walking?

I’m all ears, smartest readership in town.

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