2nd Street Bike Path From Valle de Oro Completed

Looking for a new bike path ride these days? Eschew those aerosol droplet emitting throngs on the Bosque Path and check this out.

It is now possible for cyclists to ride multi-use path all the way from Valle de Oro NWR to/from Rio Bravo Blvd. and east and south from there to Mesa del Sol, a distance of just under 7 miles. The route looks something like this:

new 2nd street
Hope the circles and arrows make at least some sense. Note to those used to the flatness of riding along the River. Getting to Mesa del Sol involves a wee bit of hill work. That’s a good thing. Don’t we all have some Covid Weight to drop these days?

This is newly possible due to completion, mere days ago, of the final stretch of path north from Prosperity SW to Rio Bravo. And when I write “days ago,” we’re talking super-fresh asphalt:

new bike path
The final, and most recent, stretch approaching 2nd St. and Rio Bravo

Combined with the path reconstructions made as part of the Rio Bravo/I-25 Interchange Project, riders now have full separation from drivers (admittedly a few street/highway crossings aside) all the way up and around to the new NM United practice fields on the outskirts of Mesa del Sol.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a look at the Valle de Oro NWR Visitor Center construction. It’s getting there.

valle de oro visitors
Isn’t federal funding great!

During these sizzling days o’ July, this shade-free route is best done early or late in the day, unless you’re thinking “Well, I have all this Covid Weight to lose, why not just sweat it all off while losing consciousness?” This route will be even better when it cools off, that Visitor’s Center is complete, and the cranes return to the far South Valley.

There are sooooo many reasons to look forward to November, aren’t there?



One thought on “2nd Street Bike Path From Valle de Oro Completed

  1. This was a nice ride, though Bobby Foster Road was a bit scary… A person with a Porsche was running speed runs around that area and was a bit much for me haha. But I’m definitely adding that route out to Mesa Del Sol as a regular ride, it was very pleasant


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