What’s a “Leading Pedestrian Interval”?

As part of the generally low-cost safety improvements announced yesterday by Mayor Keller at/near school crossings, perhaps the best and least expensive will be initiating “Leading Pedestrian Interval” signal timing at many such crossings.

What’s that? Or if you’re an English teacher: What are those?

As explained in this spiffy explanation from the National Association of City Traffic Officials (NACTO):

A Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) typically gives pedestrians a 3–7 second head start when entering an intersection with a corresponding green signal in the same direction of travel.

LPIs have been shown to reduce pedestrian-vehicle collisions as much as 60% at treated intersections.

The linked NACTO page above goes on to illustrate how great LPIs can be, particularly if we also outlawed right turns on red. To BB’s knowledge, the LPIs instituted for these crossings will be the first in the city/area. Established as precedent, expanding LPIs to other/all intersections, especially those at identified High Fatality/Injury (“HFIN” in the current governmental parlance) seems imminently, and inexpensively possible.

The people move, but the driver/car doesn’t. Maybe there would be many more people (some accompanied by a dog-on-leash) walking if LPIs were widespread in Burque

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