Monday Morning Happy News: Bike Lane Doesn’t End

It’s Monday morning and maybe you or the like-minded active transportation someone in your life needs a bit of a pick-me-up as we head into the work week. Here’s just the thing.

The old sign above needs to go.

The southbound bike lane on Broadway Blvd. through its namesake neighborhood “South Broadway” now does not end north of South Broadway Cultural Center. The old section running south from Coal Avenue also now has a striped “buffer” (which comes in handy when there’s a bus alongside).

So Dear Beloved City of Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development: Thanks for your bike lane work. Please remove this now-mistaken sign. Preferably in a formal ceremony involving the neighborhood, nearby church congregants, and a vat of acid (for the sign).

At least during a mid-morning Sunday ride yesterday, the bike ride on the new Broadway stretch was quite enjoyable. And did we mention, lover of active transportation that you or that special someone in your life are, that there’s Sunday bus service on Broadway? Unlike certain parts of the South Valley that we are not bringing up because this is a Monday morning pick-me-up post?

You’re welcome, lover of active transport, for this Monday morning jolt of upbeat news. If this post doesn’t help, maybe you should just call in sick today, and go ride this new stretch of Broadway Blvd.

Happy Monday, all!

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