“Big Sandy” at the New York/El Vado junction

Maginot Line, El Vado/New York edition

When planters were not enough to deter drivers of large destructive machines from cutting through the back way from Albuquerque’s El Vado development to New York Ave. (see back story), we have turned to a traffic deterrent known as “Big Sandy”.

They are big, and appear to be full of sand.

The best part is the message sent by using four here instead of just two, blocking not only roadway but also adjacent sidewalk – know your enemy.

Lesson apparently learned from the French Maginot Line, which Hitler simply went around. I worry, though, about the fate of the two planters along the driveway of the home on the left.

The Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team will closely monitor the situation and report back.

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