Escape from Santolina High School

Today is my last day teaching at what I call “Santolina High School” far, far, far up the SW Mesa. This pole severed by one of the countless bad drivers ~98th and Dennis Chavez represents, to me, the geography of that teaching experience:

Someone seeing this photo on Twitter noted the pole should have been wearing a hi-viz jacket

Working/commuting by bike to the sprawl hinterlands wasn’t all bad, but most of it is represented well by this pole.

One temporary victim of my professional sojourn to Santolina High School was Better Burque. I’ve got a new gig starting Monday downtown, and that geographic change has already instilled a rather amazing positive effect on my mental health.

Place matters. Sprawl sucks.

Back from the hinterlands, Better Burque will be back as well with new, far more frequent posts. Yeah, some of them will be about Downtown. Maybe all of them will.

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