Eight Bedrooms and 4-Car Garage at Edge of Civilization: Perfect!

The Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team Sunday Bike Ride (BBTUTSBR)™ took us this morning to Inspiration Peak/Apex™, the latest Pulte Homes subdivision between the sports fields at Community Stadium and Petroglyph National Monument.

In other words, way the fuck.

Subdivision outlined in red; Rio Grande for reference in terms of just how far West we’re talking here

Among many interesting aspects of this new construction, there’s realization of just how close pavement is to bridging “Westland (think Santolina) North” with Amazonopolis on Atrisco Vista:

With just “Atrisco Terrace Open Space” between them, it can only be a matter of time before Arroyo Vista and Atrisco Vista Blvds. meet in Sprawl Matrimony

Pulte has a very handy “interactive map” with overall and specific subdivision details, including models with as many as 8 bedrooms and car bedroom (garage) space for up to 4 vehicles.

Yes. Eight. Really. The second sign uphill heralds the 4-car garages.

No word on whether that indoor car storage is accurately measured for the many behemoth raised pick-up trucks sure to be stored in/around this sizable collection of homesites (that’s a lot of raised pick-up trucks!):

Looking at maps, it appears residents at Inspiration Peak/Apex™ would need to travel a bit over 2 miles as the crow flies to the nearest Walmart or Blake’s, but with raised pick-up trucks instead of crows on the area’s twisty roads, we’re probably talking closer to five miles one-way for any meaningful goods/services.

Despite the distance to shops, a roll through the area this morning showed many homes already occupied. Many others are in process of being built, with many cinder blocks arranged throughout, very possibly built to contain all the West Mesa sand formed over many, many thousands of years.

Looking down from the current far NW point of Inspiration Peak/Apex™

Better Burque doesn’t want to rain sand on the parade of anyone who thinks living at Inspiration Peak/Apex™ is/would be the coolest/safest (Have I mentioned that it’s a “gated community”? At the edge of civilization?), yet it does occur to one rolling up, through and down its sandy streets that we’re probably not as a society helping reach lowered CO2 emissions standards needed to fight climate change by building, occupying, and driving raised pick-up trucks to/from what can only be described as “way the fuck.”

No, probably not.

BB also realizes that its readership, what there is of it, isn’t comprised of folks looking for 4-car garages in gated communities out in way the fuck. And there’s a lot more of those folks, than there are of you, dear, beloved BB reader. Hell, there’s so many of them they’re shopping for 8-bedroom houses.

So, in other words, we’re fucked.

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