Fun is Back! Virtually attend the Bellemah Extension Public Meeting

Has Better Burque been reduced to copy/pasting public notices in the Journal due to their crazy J-O-B taking up all their time?


But this public meeting should be *fun and you need to know about it because we all need more fun these days, and what can be more fun that finding out who the NIMBYs and YIMBYs are in/near Sawmill? Being virtual, perhaps we can also turn this public meeting into a drinking game where players have to take a swig every time the word “parking” is uttered.

That could get dangerously fun. “See” you there.

*If your version of “fun” tends more to transportation infrastructure and public policy than, say, going to Hinkle Family Fun Center. Although those bumper cars are a form of transportation/public policy, in a way.

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