Mystery Cycle Route Game: First in a Series

Here’s how it works cyclists (everybody): BB rips off a Google Streetview photo and you try to unravel two mysteries:

  1. Location of the mystery site; and,
  2. How a cyclist best stays alive trying to navigate through the site, especially as there’s no goddamn sign anywhere to tell you where to go.
Question #1 is easy here; Question #2…not so much.

This very popular “street” in our fair city (the air quotes are a big hint) includes what is perhaps the most pathetic “two-way cycle track” in all of Bernalillo County (and man, is that saying something!), and absolutely no sign indicating what a cyclist is supposed to do if they might wish to do any cycling past where the pathetic cycle-track hits the busy street ahead.

All you get is “Do Not Enter.” CABQ’s way of saying, “Have fun, cyclist! It’s all about safety!”

Throw your answer to Question #1 in the comments below (apologies for the irritating WordPress commenting “feature”) or via one of BB’s many social media subsidiaries. In answering Question #2, be sure to thoroughly detail the safest route to get west, north, and/or east from this point.

Hint: There’s no safe route going east except for the sidewalk.

Having thought quite a bit about what we might accomplish here in terms of making Burque Better, calls to action for new/improved wayfinding signage might be the best way to go. Signs are far cheaper than the $X million bridge BB demanded go over I-25 to connect the Silver Bike Boulevard some time back, don’t upset the all-powerful driver lobby, and our fair city is just so goddamn bad when it comes to such signage.

We’ll illustrate a few of the worst cases in coming weeks. By the way, Scot has finally been released from that Job From Hell and can get back to using his brain for things other than perseverating on how hellish his job is. This should lead to more, and generally more sane, posts here at BB.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

One thought on “Mystery Cycle Route Game: First in a Series

  1. […] Answer to Mystery Game #1: Yes, that’s the vague, pitiful end of New York Avenue (History trivia tidbit: Did you know Lomas used to be named New York?) at Central. Several readers got Question #1 right, and answers to Question #2 (How does a cyclist keep going east, west, north from this point?) trended toward “You don’t.” […]


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