Active Transportation (that’s you, cyclists, walkers, rollers) Meeting Next Monday

Greater Albuquerque Active Transportation Committee (GAATC), the area’s melded government board/commission advising on non-motorized transport matters, is meeting virtually next Monday, the 11th at 4:00 PM to discuss the following (expertly copy/pasted from the agenda):

Discussion / Action Items
– Gabaldon Rd NW & I-40 Trail safety concerns (motion at May 9, 2022 meeting to
keep this item on the agenda until a resolution is completed)
– Discussion: Inviting Mayor’s Office and other City Department public information
officers to a GAATC meeting to discuss how GAATC can help with messaging
around active transportation
– Discussion: City outreach to New Mexico Legislature to incorporate
cycling/pedestrian awareness module into all driver training/testing materials

The long-standing Gabaldon issue centers on this I-40 Trail crossing:

See the yellow bollard on the right? That’s the I-40 Trail.

This crossing just east of I-40 Trail’s intersection with the hugely popular Bosque Trail lies just west of access to the also popular “Bike & Coffee” outdoor restaurant/chilling spot run by Lanny Tonning, who sits on GAATC. While Galbadon doesn’t see too much driver traffic, the spot sets up potential dangers for the many, many cyclists on this stretch.

As a advisory entity with none of the decision-making powers of, say, the City’s Environmental Planning Commission, GAATC has chosen wisely to just keep putting Gabaldon formally on each month’s agenda until someone with more power finally does something about it.

Paper trails and all that.

There’s talk about messaging and the upcoming Legislative session, too, so virtually head on over to the session next Monday if you can make it. It doesn’t look like GAATC is archiving its virtual meetings, but there’s a webpage of project info, etc. discussed in recent months/years for those of us who need to catch up on all things GAATC.

Including me.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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