Photos From Portugal/Galicia Bike Tour: Part I

Enjoying June on a long-delayed bicycle tour visit to beloved Northern Portugal with a side trip to Spanish Galicia. Here’s a few pics; little prose, just captions.

Could have taken this photo nearly every KM to this point, but still worth taking/appreciating. Outside Villanova de Arousa, Galicia
Nearby photo #1 is a sheep we’ll call “Harold” as he’s a rogue who has found an entire pasture of high grass for himself. Dangerous, those smart sheep.
I tried ordering the medium bocadillo, but the wise staff instructed me to this, the “small” one.
As with most bike tours, it’s a tour along/crossing rivers. Here’s the Rio Avia outside Ribadavia, Spain
And here’s the River called Minho in Portugal and Miño in Spain, here closest to Melgaço, Portugal.
Key to any bicycle tour, particularly one with quite a few climbs, is that “savior place” at the top of some stupidly relentless incline that has one wondering if the road engineers are just making it as stupidly relentless in grade/incline for their own amusement (damn them). Then you get to the top and there’s this place, or one looking very much like it.
Then, when one tires of climbing in Iberia, it’s generally a fun descent of few KMs before one comes across views like this. Here we’re somewhere around Esposende, Portugal.
You can obviously track such adventures via GPS and here at Strava. I only spend about as long as I ride these routes looking at the maps and assorted data. Guilty as charged.
Of far more interest, however, are the places one one comes upon. Here we’re in Viana do Castelo at some Saturday festival about to start on the
Praça da República.
Another shot of same, with better views of the folks in traditional garb
So far we’ve been over nearly countless ecopistas/ecovias (i.e., bike river/rail-to-trails). The best signed and maintained so far has been the Via Verde do Senlas on the Galician coast. I won’t mention the not quite so well signed one…at least not yet.
My rental bike out of Porto is “Herr Karlkoff” and here we’re about to go up another hill. And another one. And another one. More on our journey in coming days here at BB.

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