Drivers on Our Shared-Use Paths: A Personal Reflection

Cycling yesterday afternoon to get to a hard-to-reach cycling *“tile” near Candelaria and University, I came across a guy driving a moped (“mo” as in “motorized”) on the North Diversion Channel Trail. After asking aloud “Really?” as I passed, the moped driver turned around and chased me up the NDC for a bit.

Fortunately, I had a tailwind and my non-mo kept far enough ahead of his mo.

This is the second time in about a week that I’ve crossed a driver of a moped/motorcycle on one of our shared-use paths, paths that have signs clearly stating “No Motor Vehicles.” It’s never been that uncommon, but yesterday’s chase has me thinking maybe we should do a bit more about the problem.

Personally, and this is a probably a minority opinion, I’m far more concerned about drivers on our shared-used paths than I am about people experiencing homelessness hanging out on them. The unhoused don’t have motorized vehicles. They don’t chase us on motorized vehicles. And, in my experience, they haven’t been entitled assholes who think it okay, and somehow “right,” to chase people with driving their goddamn motorized vehicle.

For obvious reasons, I didn’t get a photo of this guy chasing me driving a moped, so we’ll just say it’s this entitled asshole seen scampering here:

I realize the world has bigger problems than guys driving mopeds chasing us on the NDC, and I also don’t have a great idea on how we can cure this problem. I’ll just note that I’m all ears for anyone who does have a great idea about it, and share the observation that it certainly seems the number of entitled assholes exhibiting their pernicious natures in our city, state, nation has increased quite a bit since, say, 2017.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Except you, moped chasing guy. You can fuck off.

*I could try to explain The Tiling Game, but, like “Fight Club,” the first rule of The Tiling Game is that you never talk about it, in this case because it would bore the hell out of the non-participating person/cyclist you’re talking to about it.

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