It’s Not Necessarily Safe on the Sidewalk

Riding through downtown this morning, I came across this at 4th and Gold:

And to perhaps answer your question: What the hell is that? Here’s a close-up:

There had been some overnight/early morning moving/cleaning of the crash scene, but I guess the City staff that collects obliterated traffic signals was off for the weekend. I did try to move/lift the signal standard (light pole); it’s real heavy.

As you know, 4th and Gold and much of Downtown has been officially labeled since 2018 a “Downtown Safety Zone,” and users have noticed that signal timing has been adjusted to the 20 mph standard. One guesses the light standard above was obliterated at a speed quite a bit higher than 20 mph. Quite.

Ideas on how to get closer to 100% of drivers to actually conform to the “Downtown Safety Zone” are welcome, I’m sure, by the City. My idea at present is to just leave the obliterated light standard there. At least folks walking to the Simms Building (and Amy Biehl HS across the street) will be reminded that speeding leads to things like obliterated heavy objects.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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