Running Over Some Nice Folks at Alcalde Pl. & Tingley Dr.

It’s a ABQ cycling case of “If you know, you know.” How many of you out there get a wry, bordering on sinister smile in response to this:

You’re cycling westbound on Alcalde. You know the Bosque Path is just over that rise. How do you cycle to get to the Path?

That’s right, you run over the people walking the dog. Cue wry, sinister smile.

For those not currently smiling wryly, the reason you run over them is this:

The rational cyclist runs over the nice folks and their dog because there’s no notch and curb cut to the Path westbound across Tingley Dr., only eastbound. Hence, the rational cyclist not only runs over some nice folks with a dog, but also rides:

  • Westbound on eastbound Alcalde for a second or two
  • Over to the sidewalk because that’s safer than riding the wrong way any further (see the curb cut in front of the nice folks and the dog?)
  • To and through the striped crosswalk at Tingley, very possibly running over another walker or three if the weather is nice

A wry series of illegal, dangerously sinister actions all because there’s no notch/curb cut in both directions at the hugely bike-traveled Alcalde Pl. and Tingley Dr.

So let’s put a notch/curb cut westbound. Like yesterday.

And while we’re at it, let’s take another look at that view westbound:

And zoom in on that sign to the right:

The sign tells us that Tingley Beach is a right-turn away, and that it’s part of the ABQ Biopark system in some fashion. What the sign doesn tell us is…


Of course there is only wayfinding signage for Tingley Beach, etc., because we all know that there are only drivers and because there are only drivers there’s no need to indicate proximity to ONLY THE MOST POPULAR GODDAMN NON-MOTORIZED TRAVEL PATH IN THE WHOLE GODDAMN TOWN.

So let’s add to the existing sign with visual note of the Path’s proximity while we’re installing that westbound notch and curb cut. We could have done this while the old Biopark train tracks were being removed, but we didn’t because…

Yeah, cue that wry, sinister smile again.

3 thoughts on “Running Over Some Nice Folks at Alcalde Pl. & Tingley Dr.

    1. Bill; You’re very right about the roundabout. It would be perfect there. Also, a soon-to-be newbie, you’re a perfect candidate to explore and find places, like Alcalde/Tingley, that could use wayfinding signage. Would be a great incentive to ride lots, as there are SOOOOOOOOOOO many places needing signs here.


      1. Arriving in ABQ this Friday! We’re moving into a place near Washington Middle School, and this intersection looks like the closest access to the Bosque Trail. I looked at it in Google Maps several months ago, and thought it was a clumsy design. There’s plenty like it here on the Pinellas Trail; intersections designed by road engineers who do not ride bicycles.


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