Riding to Where the River Comes to You

I’d be here to tell everybody they should get off the Bosque Path (Riverside Trail, many other names), but it’s kinda nice when most everyone is on the Path and you’re not. And you’re being “chased” by a river.

The overbanking Rio Grande, somewhere in the far, far South Valley

The Sunday ride corresponded with a rather chilly morning turned into a glorious warm day with light wind. So yeah, when we got back to civilization from riding down in Los Lunas, Bosque Farms, etc., the Bosque Path was slammed. Fortunately, the Path was only about .4% of our ride and we got to explore a river having an early Spring it hasn’t had in quite a while.

Early morning sun, and an overbanking “tongue” sticking out from the river just off the bridge in Los Lunas

Better Burque is all about increased cycling ridership and folks getting around by means other than motorized vehicles. But it’s also real, real nice cycling about when there’s nobody around.

Real nice.

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