Low-Stressing on the Edges of Town

The warm weekend opened plenty of low-stress bike riding opportunities, starting with some transit assist up to Central/Tramway.

Hard to tell from the bad photo, but that is the rare, extremely elusive “working, fully informative ART Info Screen.” Saturday Morning at EDO Station, 4.29.23

Once done with the transpo madness through Central/Tramway and under I-40, the ride mostly focused in a wander of residential streets on the “other side” of Tramway. Coming back down the hill, though, I discovered Brentwood Hills NE, a lovely low-stress east/wester between Menaul and Indian School.

Brentwood Hills is definitely going on the Low-Stress Route Map

Yesterday, riding buddy John and I went out, way out, to the Wild West that is the Jail, Landfill, Speedway combo just this side of the Rio Puerco. Then we came back via this major thoroughfare.

For this part of the world, that’s pretty green!
Not as sandy as we feared, it twas a tad bumpy, however, heading back to civilization
At several points we were observed by the local wild horses.
That’s Pajarito Rd. at the far bottom right, including a cross of Coors Blvd.

As John noted, it was a two-landfill day! Definitely a route with low-stress components, although we also had a temporary visit from a couple of the underfed, semi-feral dogs you always think about when bouncing along at 5 mph at the corner of Pajarito Rd. and What the Hell Dr. The dogs decided, eventually, that they were not hungry enough for the bother involved in mauling us to death.

A great weekend o’ low-stress (mostly) riding. Hope yours was just as good.

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