UNM Makes the Buena Vista Notch Official

The long-beloved bouncy-paved trail between UNM’s Redondo and the notch at Central and Buena Vista is getting respectable. I have mixed feelings.

Notch in red circle, beloved trail in red square, but you know already, because you love it, too.

Riding through it earlier today, I had to take the grassy knoll alongside because:

There’s like high curbs on both sides and everything now.

The lo-fi bumpy trail leading to the almost killed notch (because ART) is now all grown-up and respectable. Good news, generally, as we’re now officially telling people to use the trail/notch, and this new setup will be ADA-compliant, it appears.

The sad part is I’m always a sucker for Wild West far from official infrastructure. Never seen a “No Outlet” road sign ending in a fence somebody has managed to put a hole through I didn’t like. Still, it’s a good thing as I’m sure there’s a few folks in power still wishing they’d been able to kill the notch and are now watching it get turned into AASHTO/NACTO/ADA-approved reality.

So screw them and take the trail to the notch to the trail to the notch, early and often. Enjoy!

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