Wanna Make Better Burque Better? Call For Contributors

Interested in making our city a better, more informed place? Know or want an excuse to know more about local transportation, education and other issues? Willing to share that interest via the ever-amorphous, oft-frustrating and never fully satisfying internet?

Better Burque was never intended to be a one-horse interwebs town and this is a call for contributors. I’d love to be everywhere all the time (Actually, I’d hate that. Intensely.), but that’s impossible (fortunately) and there’s so very much going on here. That’s where you can come in with your news, views and something that rhymes with news and views.

Got a news story? Share it.

Got a 5,000 word opinion piece on the intersection of San Mateo and Central? Love to see it.

Got some visual artwork or videotaped interpretive dance that conveys the social and personal impact of the proposed Edith Transfer Station? Fantastic! Especially the “hazardous waste sequence.”

The rules for contributions are that there are no rules, in part because there shouldn’t be rules, and in larger part because making rules makes me sleepy. Any viewpoint, writing style, hell, even language is fine. You dying to write 2,500 words in Finnish about Albuquerque Rapid Transit. Anna Tulla! (That’s “bring it on” in Finnish, according to Google Translate).

Anyone interested can email your humble one horse, me, right here

C’mon…you know you want to. You bought that interpretive dance outfit the second you saw the Land Use Hearing Officer’s report on Edith Transfer Station…and it’s just been sitting there since.  Get it out of the closet and join us.



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