AABLE Bike Lane Measurement Report: 8.5.16

Had a chance, i.e., was AABLE, to resume the bike lane measuring effort yesterday afternoon before the city was washed away in last night’s storm. Here’s what I found (Street/Intersection/Width in inches):

Lead WB at Buena Vista 48
Lead WB at Spruce 45
Lead WB at Walter 59
Elm/High NB just before Lomas 35
Mountain EB at Walter 37
Indian School EB between AHS and I-25 Bridge 42
Candelaria EB at North Diversion Channel near Girard 36
Candelaria EB at Girard 26

For those seeing the glass half full, in retrospect the work on Coal & Lead a few years back could have included a buffer, but the bike lane itself is pretty consistently four feet to/from I-25. The glass fills even further when one crosses I-25 on Lead, and now includes a restriping (with buffer) on the train overpass between Broadway and 2nd. Here’s a photo of the gentleman prepping for the cross-hatch striping (btw, I did get a chance to tell him “thanks!”):


And now we get to the glass being not quite so full, maybe even half-empty. With the understanding that the Lead work is not done, and it might not look like this “finished,” here’s the terminus of the Lead overpass at present:


We, as a community, are going to work on that. We’re also going to work on the aforementioned Candelaria. Having measured closer to I-25, yesterday’s counts at/near the North Diversion Channel were similarly dismal at any speed limit and traffic level, much less at 40 mph and busy.

Still, it’s important to keep in mind some of the great, glass getting fuller and fuller, improvements that are going on around town. For example, the thought of Zuni/Lead getting someone on a bicycle from Central near Wyoming to 2nd Street downtown with the level of safety now present, compared with even only a few months ago, is¬†encouraging and also a bit mind-blowing.

It can happen. Really. Even on Candelaria.

Speaking of work to do, there’s plenty of measuring still left before us, and I mean “us.” If interested, send me an email and I’ll pass along the latest spreadsheet. Same process for sending me data. Thanks to those who have and continue to help out!

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