Albuquerque’s “Border Wall,” II: A Proposed Solution in Seven Screenshots

by Scot

I’ve been accused, rightly, that my posts tend to be too long on words and too short on everything besides the words. With that in mind, as well as the axiom that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” below is the equivalent of a 7,000-word bloviation on how to best fix the figurative Iron Curtain that is the current state of Interstate 25 South of the “Big I,” particularly between Coal and Rio Bravo, keeping in mind the I-25 South Corridor Study and long-term plans to fix said corridor.

A tiny, I promise, bit more about that Study follows.

Alvarado Ped/Bike Overpass (editor’s note: this is now the correct photo/site)alvarado overpass

Winrock Mall Ped/Bike Overpasswinrock overpass

Morris Ped/Bike Overpass morris overpass

“Cliff’s” Ped/Bike Overpass (AKA “Gentlemen’s Club Overpass”; AKA “Really Poorly Constructed Overpass”)cliff's overpass

Atrisco Ped/Bike Overpassatrisco overpass

Gail Ryba Bridge alongside I-40 at the Rivergail ryba

North Diversion Channel Trail Underpass near Montgomery/MontanoNDC underpass


That’s how we’re going to solve the I-25 problem throughout the South Corridor, just as it has been solved, to an extent, in the other three quadrants of Burque. I’ll get back to the typical wordy bloviating in my next post on the subject of the I-25 South Corridor Study, but think it pertinent to point out now that in a 199-page Study, there are precisely zero mentions of pedestrian/bicycle overpasses, and only two underpasses, those anticipated for Tijeras Arroyo near Bobby Foster and where the South Diversion Channel crosses between Gibson and Sunport. Remembering the picture/1,000 word thing, here’s what I mean:

i-25 study 2040 long range bikeway

We’ll get into this more, as well as why there’s a green cross symbol at Silver and I-25, and why more overpasses/underpasses are the answer, in the next few days.

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