Headless Body in Topless Bar: Cycling Edition

We’re so busy at Better Burque these days we’re reduced to links to stories with headlines like this:

Spokane woman is standing up to cyclist who yelled ‘Hot pizza!’ then smashed into her on trail

Not only that, but we’re copy/pasting a “nut graph” from said story:

“I hate to slow down,” the cyclist said when asked why he didn’t. “Most of the time people move. These people wouldn’t move,” he added, noting that moms with strollers were part of the problem, too.

Yes, we’re busy, and lazy (a very tough combination), but the story does bring up an uncomfortable truth about any group of humans. A certain percentage of them are complete assholes.

Cyclists included.

Which brings up the best (and only) joke I use when talking about cycling advocacy, the one that goes: “I love cycling advocacy, except for the people.”

Speaking of jokes much wittier, many of us have gotten a kick out of the sign covering up a large hole in one of the testicular-testing bridges along the North Diversion Channel between Osuna and I-25. We close with a photo and thanks that someone at ABQ Parks and Rec. has a strong sense of humor. Or maybe the sign just fit. We busily prefer to think the former.




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