Cyclists Hit on NM-41: Driver Reportedly “Stopped and backed his car toward a group of riders…”

Better Burque is following with interest the next legal steps regarding a Mr. Jacob Brown of Moriarty, who, according to reports:

…admitted he stopped and backed his car toward a group of riders from Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes (SOBs) on N.M 41 near Galisteo…

The results of Mr. Brown’s admitted action are that:

Douglas Harrel, 63, was the most seriously hurt, with broken ribs, a cracked pelvis and a punctured lung, other riders said. He remains at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center.

Another rider suffered fractures in both wrists and a third had cracked ribs and a concussion….

So far, again according to reports, it appears Mr. Brown has been cited only for “stopping in the roadway.” Better Burque will resist the temptation to point out how absolutely inappropriate, and indeed criminal, such a citation would be, as the investigation is evidently still “open.”

That said, if the facts, and particularly the admission, are true as reported, Mr. Brown’s action certainly warrants something in the “assault with a deadly weapon” to “attempted murder” range. It’s damn fortunate he’s not up for murder. Multiple counts.

Better Burque will continue to closely follow the situation, albeit largely in the same way countless other cyclists and New Mexicans will. By following reports.

Our only personal contact with this case has been as one who has ridden NM-41 on multiple occasions, including in and around Galisteo. The extreme rural nature, light traffic, and ease of passing slower roadway users in the area only highlights how egregious, inexcusable, and criminally inappropriate Mr. Brown’s admitted actions were, according to reports.

nm41 near galisteo
Representative stretch of NM-41 near Galisteo

If Mr. Brown is driving any time soon, after adjudication, that will be something of a travesty. Again, if reports and his admission of having “….stopped and backed his car toward a group of riders…” are accurate. New Mexico has had the good fortune in the past several months to have zero “pedalcyclist” roadway deaths. Keeping people like, according to reports,  Mr. Brown off the road is essential in keeping this recent happy trend going.



3 thoughts on “Cyclists Hit on NM-41: Driver Reportedly “Stopped and backed his car toward a group of riders…”

  1. It’s outrageous how many drivers get away with causing severe harm or death to cyclists and pedestrians in this state, with no repercussions! It’s no wonder that so many people think choosing to walk or bike in New Mexico is risking your life.


  2. Everyone in NM should be upset by this act of aggression. I have contact the Santa Fe County Sheriff about this, explaining my outrage, and he responded quickly and in a manner I was happy with. I suggest you contact him as well.


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