Photo Contest! New NDC Osuna Bridge is Ready to Ride

Plenty of joyous reports coming Better Burque’s way trumpeting completion of the replacement bridge on the North Diversion Channel just south of Osuna:

(Insert Photo of New Bridge Here)

Only problem is, I don’t have a photo of the completed bridge yet. As I’m sure you know, employment is extremely overrated as a concept. Thus, I haven’t been able to get out there this week.

I’ve got this one of the work in-progress:

ndc osuna closed

And I’ve got this one of the hole in the bridge that led to the replacement (ingeniously covered up by City Parks and Recreation…who says this people don’t have a sense of humor?)


And, of course, Google Birds’ Eye hasn’t gotten around to a Earth photo of the new bridge, only showing the bad old bridge:

osuna bridge
Really? Hypnotherapy Academy of America? I never knew…

So this is where you come in, dear readers. Send me a damn photo of the new damn bridge, dammit!

Pretty please…

Crafting this as a “contest” is difficult, particularly as the BB budget is (consults  Quickbooks) exactly $0.00. How about this? You send me a photo by contest deadline, (because every contest must have a deadline, even if you ain’t getting money in the deal) by:

7:00 A.M. tomorrow, Friday, April 20th

The selected photo will receive, if desired, full and official attribution for the photo, as well as the promise that Scot will buy you a beverage of your choice IF we even run into each other. So, to help this process, please start wearing a name tag at all times until further notice.

If we get enough photos, maybe we can have an arty montage of them in a dazzling celebration of this very cool infrastructural development.

Because it is cool, this new bridge. I just haven’t seen it yet. Send me a photo. Send me two. Send me a bunch.


P.S.: While you’re at it, lucky person with plenty of Thursday free time, get BB a photo from today’s Bike Share 2.0 PACE launch at Civic Plaza (10:00 a.m.). BB would love to run it! We would also love to pay you, but please note BB budget above.


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