Burque/NM Transportation News: Odds and Ends for 4.18.18

It’s a good sign (“signage” if you prefer) when there’s enough transportation news going on around the area to have an “odds and ends” post. Here’s a look at the latest developments in a delightfully non-ponderous-2500-word odds/ends format:

Phase II Bridge Boulevard Improvements at 60%: A public meeting was held April 11th to get feedback on the latest plans to reconfigure Bridge Boulevard, in particular the phase of work including the very important, and currently problematic, Isleta Blvd. and La Vega Dr. intersections.

bridge isleta la vega 60 percent
Plans include 10 ft. driving lanes, buffered bike lanes, bike boxes and sidewalk improvements (as in actual sidewalks).

Readers are encouraged to closely peruse drawings in the plan, providing comments to project managers by the deadline of May 11th. Those drivers currently backed up every afternoon, and the walkers/cyclists who try to maneuver amid the impromptu rush hour parking lot, will thank you. A lot.

Albuquerque Bike Share 2.0 Roll-Out/News Conference April 19th: A 10 a.m. event at Civic Plaza tomorrow will formally kick-off the next stage in the city’s bike share program. Expanded to 250 bikes and 50 stations (from 75 bikes at 15 stations in its first iteration), the system known as “PACE” will include a dockless option. There’s also a GPS feature as I understand it on these bikes. We’ll be able to see just how far someone has been able to ride these bikes via the dockless method.

pace bike
Your first 30-minute ride is free as a new user of a PACE bike

Statewide Bike Network Plan Update: Better Burque has learned (which is a fancy and vague way of saying “somebody who actually knows something told me”) that an update to the Statewide Bicycle Network Plan (previously mentioned here at BB and the first one NM has ever had) will go online, including noted Plan goals and objectives based on survey responses and an interactive map to specify concerns.

state interactive map
Hope you had a chance to add your concerns and observations on cycling in NM via this Interactive Map

The current timeline calls for the Plan to be formally complete and published in August or September of this year.

50-Mile Activity Loop “Signage” Update: See, I simply KNEW I’d get the chance to use that word-that-really-isn’t-a-word “signage” this morning. I don’t have any photos (readers, feel free to provide them), but recent rides including sections of the much-maligned 50-Mile Activity Loop have revealed that new signs, and new signs replacing incorrect signs, are going up. The Loop signage, oh how I love that word!, still isn’t perfect, but we’re getting closer.

Kudos and appreciation to those working to tighten up the signage (three times! I got to use the non-word three times!), as well as those involved in all the project mentioned above. BB will most certainly add your name to the list of those being appreciated if you get your comments regarding Bridge at Isleta in by May 11th. That is an absolutely vital north-south access point in my South Valley, and your feedback is very much needed.

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