Photo Contest Winners! New NDC Bridge South of Osuna

As requested, some folks went out early yesterday to ride/run/walk the North Diversion Channel to photograph the site of the brand-new concrete bridge just south of Osuna.

Then the wind starting blowing about 817 kph.

Thus entries were light for the Contest!!!, but the winning photos make up for quantity with quality. Margie Davis, noted Cycling Peeps founder, and all around great advocate for biking around the area and world, took the snaps below.

Congrats, Margie! BB owes you one not terribly overpriced, yet still highly quaffable, beverage of your choice.

Have a great weekend, everybody! It looks to be shaping up for a good one to ride/run/walk this new bridge, over and over and over again.

osuna bridge bike
One NDC bridge replaced, roughly (get it? roughly?) six more to go on the way to under I-25
osuna runner
A great way to go into a weekend


P.S.: But wait! There’s more!

Having forgotten to check my BB email right at the Contest!!! deadline, I missed the wonderful photos from local realtor Michael Dunn. His perspective capturing the scale of the bridge is eye-catching on the way to breathtaking. Jeez, this bridge is a real beaut! Let’s have about, I dunno, 75 more multi-use bridges like it…

Apologies for not seeing your snaps earlier Mr. Dunn, but, to be honest, this works out better as picking between yours and Ms. Davis’ work would have been far too difficult.

Naturally, if I do run into you anytime soon Mr. Dunn, or even later, the same beverage offer stands. Thanks for these outstanding shots!

created by dji camera
Notice clouds, i.e., wind. Mr. Dunn reports it was a tad breezy when he took these


created by dji camera
This bridge really snazzes up the neighborhood


created by dji camera
And this is the one City of Albuquerque Parks & Rec will use on the cover of the Annual Report


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