More Bridge Work on the North Diversion Channel Trail: A Distant Report

by Scot

We mentioned yesterday’s meeting of the Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory Committee, and although I’m currently away considering political asylum in Canada…

I’m kidding. Sorta. No way these tight-border Canadians would accept non-French speaking Americans solely because of the political situation down South. But I do have a Special Education license and things are how they are down South right now. And I can almost successfully order a croissant in French, well, until they tell me how much it cost. Yeah, I guess I’m kidding. Sure, I’m kidding about the asylum thing.

where was I…

Oh yeah, yesterday’s GABAC meeting. Although I wasn’t present, we Albuquerque cyclists evidently received quite a present (you know, English is a hard language). Included in the GABAC member staff reports was the following note from City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation:

The North Diversion Channel (NDC) Trail Bridge Deck (just south of Osuna)-The bridge deck is complete and Parks and Recreation will focus on the next two bridge south on the North Diversion Channel Trail. Our design on-call contract is in the final phase of approval and once it is in place the engineers will to (sic) detailed structural evaluation all 6 bridges remaining on the NDC between Osuna and I-25 (blogposter emphasis) and specific designs for the deck replacement on the two bridges south toward Singer. No time estimate on that work at this date but as we know more you all will be updated.

If I read the above quoted material correctly, with the understanding that English is a hard language, I think it’s telling us all the wooden bridges on the NDC are going to be replaced. In fact, I’m almost 100% sure. That’s 123% sure, Canadian. Maybe this chipper Canadian optimism is already seeping into my pores and synapses, but I think that’s what it is saying.

osuna runner
Freshly finished, and before final treatment layer, this photo was part of our contest capturing the lovely new NDC concrete bridge just south of Osuna

Further clarification from someone a few thousand miles south and west of Montreal would be appreciated. In French or English. Until I hear otherwise, I’m just going to imagine not having my teeth rattle and nether regions ache riding over these bridges, preferably by the time I get back in mid-July.

Perhaps that seeping Canadian optimism is already somewhat out of control. I’ll try to tone it down, in keeping with the current state of my homeland, in future reports.






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