What Is and Is Not a Cycle Track in Two Photos

In response to any possible confusion created by Albuquerque’s faux 73-foot cycle track on Rancho Seco between Central and Lomas, here is a true cycle track:

Cycle Track at Parc Laurier
Alongside Montreal’s Parc Laurier (yes, the Bixi station appears empty…4.8 million bike share trips a year will do that from time to time, I suppose)

And this is very much a faux cycle track:

rancho seco cycletrack
The “best” part is that there’s no signage alerting anybody what the Hell this is trying to be, including the driver who might be unwittingly turning from Lomas right into the cyclist above.  I love that part!

So, until the striped buffer is replaced with equally wide curb, you don’t have a cycle track. You very much have a possibly fatal accident in the making, but, no, not a cycle track.

Hope this clears things up a bit.

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