Travels of Randy the Road Work Ahead Sign at Central/Tingley: Chapter IV


My name is Randy. I’m a “Road Work Ahead” sign. I’ve spent the last few weeks traveling along Central Avenue and, now, finally, Tingley Drive. Here’s a photographic look at my trip, so far.

road work ahead again
First, here I am smack-dab in the bike lane on Central at the Rio Grande “Old Town” Bridge. I can’t count how many cyclists had to swerve around me, but, then again, I can’t count. Thus I also can’t count how many swear words I heard these cyclists mutter/scream while doing so.
after road work ahead
Here I am after being moved a bit by some unsavory looking guys calling themselves the Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team, whatever that is. 
road work bus lane
After being put back in my original spot directly on the bike lane, I was moved by persons unknown to the Albuquerque Rapid Transit bus lane.  Actually, I know, because it was me they moved, but I’m a road sign and my memory isn’t so good. 
central tingley sign corrected
And here I am after all those travels, now properly placed on Tingley Drive, where the road work is actually being done. You might be asking “But aren’t you on a sidewalk, thus violating MUTCD and ADA compliance?” No, I’m not really on a sidewalk because it ends a few inches away. Isn’t that itself an ADA violation, you ask? Don’t ask me, I’m just a “Road Work Ahead” sign. 



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