Rio Grande Boulevard Update: Substandard Bike Lanes to be Restriped

We mentioned a couple of days ago the very not Complete Streets striping work recently done southbound on Rio Grande Boulevard. Here’s a snap of the resultant substandard bike lane:

rio grande skinny lane southbound
The improperly skinny bike lane at Don Fernando NW

And here’s our BB measurement (taken, as always, from middle of bike lane stripe per the standard):

rg 3 foot
That’s 36 inches, at best, for those with monitors too small to make out the numbers.

The good news is that we’ve heard those in charge, including Albuquerque District #2 City Councilor Isaac Benton, have heard/seen reports by several about the situation, and a  proper restriping has been ordered. Kudos to all who have brought this to the City’s attention and for those at City making sure it gets fixed. As mentioned here previously, it appears significant width can be taken from the driving lanes and redistributed to the southbound bike lane.

By the way, the very important document guiding roadway striping and much more, the City’s Development Process Manual (DPM) is due to have its long, long, long-awaited revision formally approved in the next few weeks. Here’s the Transportation chapter in draft form awaiting formal approval. If we read the draft DPM correctly, Rio Grande Blvd., an arterial road, would be required to have:

6-foot minimum bike lane or 5-foot paved shoulder bikeway for posted speeds of 35 mph or less; 7-foot bike lane or 6-foot paved shoulder bikeway for posted speeds of 40 mph or greater.

We’ll be out with the measuring tape again to check, post-restriping.

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