311/SeeClickFix Follies: Chapter XIII

The long, mind-numbing set of interactions between Better Burque and other community members with City o’ Albuquerque’s 311 service and “SeeClickFix” app/website has been exactly that: long and mind-numbing.

These “conversations” have also been perversely funny and continue to be so.

Below are two sets of screengrabs for recently reported problems. Astute readers as you are, I’ll leave it largely to you to find the “punchline” for each.

Just remember, not funny…perversely funny. There’s most certainly a difference.


Set #1: Silver & Morningside (again)

silver morningside again

silver its a bike boulevard

Set #2: You say “Maintence,” I say “Maintance,” let’s call the whole thing off

dirty bike lane

dirty bike lane maintence maintance


Enjoy your day in “The Prisoner,” everybody! Remember, you are Number Six and I am Number Two. No, check that, 311/SeeClickFix is Number Two.  In all connotations of the term.

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