Simple “Pedestrian Error” Often a More Complicated Reality

(APD Lt. Zak) Cottrell, who joined APD’s traffic unit in 2013, said there’s one definite: The blame lies with the pedestrian in almost all crashes.

“Most of ours are pedestrian error,” he said.

Cottrell said that so far this year there have been 408 crashes involving pedestrians. Nineteen drivers in nonfatal crashes were given citations, which were often settled in court with a fine.

He said 31 of the 34 fatalities were caused by “pedestrian error.” – from “New Mexico pedestrian deaths spike to 82,” Matt Reisen, Albuquerque Journal, December 30, 2018

The conclusion reproduced below completes a thorough investigatory report. In our ongoing look at Albuquerque Police Department crash and supplemental reports on deaths to those walking our roadways, it’s been our custom to interpret and analyze, but today we’ll just present the report’s conclusion without commentary. Doing so is one way of acknowledging the thoroughness of this particular report:

candelaria and valverde fatality

Stay safe out there, everybody. As always, BB welcomes reader insight and response.




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