Another, Deeper Look at Complexities of “Pedestrian Error”

Note: Grab another cup of coffee. You’ve got some assigned reading. Also, as is the case with such incidents, the facts below include graphic and disturbing references. Readers are advised.

Continuing our look, via public records request, into 2017-2018 Albuquerque Police Department reports/investigations following the death of someone walking our roadways, the entire investigatory report narrative for an incident of July 4, 2018 follows. While the names are redacted by Better Burque, the thinking is that synthesizing the report below would only lessen its impact and open possibilities of real/perceived bias and inaccuracies.

So, we’ll just get right to the seven pages below with only the following contextual notes:

  1. To make it easier to wade through, and explain the high percentage of redactions, this case involves the deceased pedestrian, driver, and three other occupants of a vehicle.
  2. The reference to “everyone was drinking except for _____” (Page Four) refers to the driver as the one not drinking. Note the contrast to the statement concerning drinking on Page Five. The Uniform Crash Report (not included in the pages below) states the driver as “sobriety unknown.”
  3. Information on current crash data retrieval methods referenced on Page Six.
  4. The Uniform Crash Report states two contributing factors for this death: “Driver inattention” and “pedestrian error.” Better Burque has contacted APD to get more information on how this case fits recently stated statistics concerning prevalence of pedestrian error as primary contributing factor.
  5. A check of New Mexico Courts Case Lookup, the best online source for records of NM legal proceedings, shows no record of charges being filed against the driver, or passengers, in this case in the roughly six months since the incident (Note: An earlier edition of this post had the wrong year of the event, and subsequent wrong number of months). Contact has been made to confirm this is the case; any change in this presumption will be passed along in future posts.


july 4th narrative page one
Page One
july 4th narrative page two
Page Two
july 4th narrative page three
Page Three
july 4th narrative page four
Page Four
july 4th narrative page five
Page Five
july 4th narrative page six
Page Six
july 4th narrative page seven conclusion
Page Seven


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