Proposed Religion-Oriented Development in South Valley

Sleepy La Vega Dr. S.W. in the historically significant South Valley continues its transformation from quiet, semi-rural street paralleling the River and Isleta Blvd. to modern scene of urban infrastructure and in-fill.

First, it recently became an *official “Bike Route.” Now this:

religion-oriented development

The slow and in some places quicker transformation of the South Valley is an interesting study that would make for a smashing Ph.D. dissertation. For instance, I wonder how many folks would be protesting this R-1 zoning change if it were for, say, a desperately needed behavioral health or rehab center.

And for more local color and sociology, the proposed site is right across from this long-closed religious institution, one of my favorites to ride past in all of ABQ:

older church

So much pretty land, so little tax revenue…



*Bike Route designation and urbanization/in-fill development coincidence? I think not!

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