Is Litigation the Only Way to Stop the City From Doing This?

Fearing pretty close to the worst, I was unfortunately not surprised riding yesterday on Atrisco NW from Central Ave. to its ongoing water/road project:

yet again mailbox
I don’t know what’s more disheartening, the temporary out-of-compliant road sign or the permanently out-of-compliance mailbox in the public right-of-way sans sidewalk.

As readers know, the BB tendency has been to move such out-of-compliance signs and take “Before” and “After” photos. But as you see here from yesterday, that’s obviously not leading to city compliance, and, besides, the person/crew that placed this sign incorrectly should move the damn sign to the buffer, instead of directly on the bike lane, itself.

We’ve been over and over and over this, here at BB, via 311/SeeClickFix, and direct phone/email contact. As that’s not working, we’re obviously just gonna have to get litigious, as that’s the only way CABQ changes anything.

Sorry this might cost you taxpayers some money, funds that could be going to things other than covering up for deliberate mistakes and intransigent non-compliance. From what I hear, the pool of City “Risk Management” funds for such malfeasance could buy some very nice/pretty things with funds currently going to lawyers.

Speaking of lawyers…do you know any?






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