Today’s “Burque Cruise for Essential Workers”

We live in challenging moral/ethical/social times.

For example: Now that indoor restaurant dining is permitted, do you go and support your local restaurant and its workers, or not go, supporting them by not possibly exposing them to your untested, possibly asymptomatic condition?

There are, of course, near limitless numbers of such challenging questions at present.

Another example more closely pertaining to BB’s mission of non-motorized transportation advocacy is this:

cruise flyer

Does BB support the cause and supporters of this “cruise”? Ab-so-lutely. It’s a fantastic idea to elevate the curiously suppressed discussion we’re NOT having about essential workers in this City/State/Nation.

But cars.


A caravan of cars?

Like someone betting craps on a 100-year winning streak, social distancing has quickly become one more reason to drive. Like we needed more reasons. Our vehicles have become our masks, and so we have similar caravans replacing traditional birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, and socio-political rallies/protests.

So, does BB bite the “Bullitt,” so to speak (how many muscle cars did that movie sell?) and support today’s cruise? Does BB urge your attendance and support for this event/cause?


BB wants you to decorate your motorized vehicle and drive real slow with, hopefully, a great many other people/cars and bring greater attention to issues such as paid leave during forced quarantine. So much so does BB urge your participation that we’re linking to the hated Facebook to tell you more about it.

Man…those two sentences were hard to write.

But we live in a time of hard challenges, and my/BB’s moral questions about going out to eat, etc., are patently insignificant compared to the very real questions and dangers faced by our essential workers every day on the job.

So go.

If you happen to have one of those brand-new Ford Mustangs based on what Steve McQueen drove in “Bullitt,” or the 1968 original, decorate it (as a cyclist, I suggest streamers off the side mirrors and playing cards in the hubcaps) and make all the zoom, zoom, zoom noise (carefully) you can muster.

Again, that sentence was damn hard to write. But such are the times. I’ll see you out there this early evening, if I can find the playing cards to stick in my bike spokes.



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