Answer to Mystery Cycle Route #2 and All Our Problems

Looking back at edition #2 of our gamification of nonexistent ABQ wayfinding signage…

several readers correctly responded that this is along Aspen NW, a bit west of Rio Grande Blvd (a bit south of I-40). These readers also correctly added that if one is alive to take this photo they obviously have either lived crossing Rio Grande Blvd. or have wisely chosen to never cycle west from this spot to Rio Grande Blvd.

Our mystery game regarding signs and the insane dangers of riding on/across Rio Grande Blvd. anywhere near I-40 (which is also a great evidence for the argument that just because a stroad has painted bike lanes doesn’t make it safe) point out both the need for better signage and education. The lousy lack of signs we’ll reveal again and again and again via the game itself.

The education centers on the following points:

  • Albuquerque is actually great cycling town, but its charm in this regard is largely hidden (just as is the path in the photo above);
  • Few are willing to do the “trail and error” required to find the often strange and convoluted routes to these safe havens, due to actual/perceived lack of safety in discovering them;
  • e-Bikes…we can’t forget how many new riders will/have been created due to them, and the impact they have on how far one can reasonably go with an e-bike. Cycling outside one’s immediate neighborhood has been opened to far more folks;
  • Some people, and this number may arguably be growing (esp. because e-bikes) take their bikes on business/vacation trips and are looking for places to ride here. And they are NOT looking to ride the many horribly dangerous stretches suggested by ABQ’s stupid “50-Mile Activity Loop.”

Many probably don’t see it this way, but your humble blogger always feel it something of a loss whenever he comes across a parking lot along the Bosque Trail. Many of those parked are unloading or loading bicycles, and they are doing it in the parking lot, instead of their apartment/house/etc., because they don’t feel safe riding from said domicile to the Bosque Path.

It’s a given that we must do all we can to improve cycling safety, and perception of safety, throughout town, but it is also essential that information be shared on routes, little, largely unknown routes, that get folks from Point A to, e.g., the Bosque Path, far more safely.

And better signage would go some distance to performing this educational service. Perhaps same with our little “mystery game,” because I’m guessing about 99.4% of Albuquerque residents would look at the photo above and have no idea that a turn to the right in a few feet opens up the entire Bosque Path system to them (including North Diversion Channel). Miles and miles of driver-free (or almost driver-free) riding/walking/rolling, are right there, IF there’s a sign or IF they already know about.

We’re gonna work on changing those IFs to BECAUSE. Any and all help in doing so is appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Answer to Mystery Cycle Route #2 and All Our Problems

  1. Thanks for your advocacy and educational work on this.We moved to ABQ last summer from a city that is not cycling friendly at all (Cincinnati) and love how great our new home is in this regard. But to your point, as I’m learning new routes I’m often struck by suddenly getting tossed out onto a busy street or not seeing a way to safely get from point A to point B. I’m glad I discovered your blog!


  2. It could be done here in Albuquerque, but walkable and bikeable cities are only for rich white elites. I’m sorry in advance for the pessimism but honestly in 2022 America, nothing is great for poor people, and most people are poor.


    1. Much truth to what you write, Anonymous, but I do find it interesting that bike ridership is extremely high, per capita, by those experiencing homelessness in our city/country. In fact, “invisible cyclists” are very likely in greater number than those rich folks riding up/down the Bosque Path, etc.


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