Two Cracks at Rio Grande Blvd. Restriping Project

Keeping with the fervently anti-prose times in which we live, BB will now employ the common expression, “I’m just gonna leave this here.” First, here’s the currently proposed restriping of Rio Grande Blvd. between Griegos and Matthew (no, this is not the “Rio Grande Blvd. Complete Streets Concept Plan” section south of I-40):


Using that 62 feet between curb gutters, here’s the road engineering *stylings of a local multi-modal advocate not named BetterBurque:


Voila! Parking lanes replace the proposed 5 foot bike lane buffer. Yes, there are questions to consider in what looks to be a very promising alternative here, but when you’re living in “I’ll just put this here” land, those are all implicit.

One result of all this implicitness is that BB would love, as always, to hear/read what you, dear readers, think of this idea. By the way, the currently proposed plans further up the page are at “30%,” which means the restriping plan still has a way until actual work is done. Feedback to City of Albuquerque Department of Municipal Department (DMD) staff about plans at 30% are always in good taste (especially, if made in good taste, regardless of position).


*The second option was created in StreetMix, yet another very cool website/app that your humble and out-of-date blogster knew nothing about until yesterday.



2 thoughts on “Two Cracks at Rio Grande Blvd. Restriping Project

  1. Who wrote this? I love that little tone in your writing. I always try to avoid it in my own writing because I am concerned that some will not even understand you are just having fun calling us “Dear Readers.” In all seriousness, I like it.

    And I think the plan looks good too.


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